About Fell House

My name is Tom Fletcher and I am a writer. My first novel – THE LEAPING – will be published in May 2010 by Quercus. My second, THE THING ON THE SHORE, is being published by Quercus in the spring of 2011.

‘Because We All Need To Eat’ is a series of links (mostly to Amazon) that I’ve posted so that you can buy things I have been involved with.

E-mail me at writertomfletcher@googlemail.com.

Please leave comments.


2 Responses to “About Fell House”

  1. Hi Tom, your page/blog etc looks really great.

    Hoping and trying hard to one day become a debut author.
    Looking to connect with other authors etc.etc. and etc.
    Facebook – Gillian Hesketh

    Also – would like to attend one of the Preston Soup Lit Gigs – do you know when the next one is ?

    Kind regards, Gillian

  2. […] of late, and one of the new writers to come up in this new wave of horror is a man called Tom Fletcher (No, not the guy from McFly). Now, let’s get this out of the way, I hate Tom Fletcher. I want […]

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