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Station Stories

Posted in Non-Fictions on February 19, 2011 by Tom Fletcher

I’m involved in a project called Station Stories, alongside Jenn Ashworth, Nicholas Royle, Peter Wild, Tom Jenks, and David Gaffney. It’s very exciting. It’s this:

Station stories is a unique site specific live literature promenade event using digital technology and live improvised electronic sound. From platform to platform, café to café and shop to shop, six writers take you on a creative trip of Piccadilly station and read specially commissioned stories inspired by the station and the people who use it and work there. Itʼs a unique live literature promenade performance featuring live improvised sounds using samples of ambient station noises as they happen.

Audiences are linked to the writerʼs microphones by headsets using wireless technology, making the event unobtrusive and ensuring the audience hear every single word, whilst still experiencing the live ambience of the location. A musician accompanies the writers and improvises music using sampled live sounds from the station, manipulating these sounds and playing them into the audienceʼs headsets between and underneath the text. The writers interact with passing members of the public who may be unaware that a performance is taking place.

Station stories will explore the day-to-day life of the station – its platforms, its workers, the journeys people take, the waiting, the encounters, the thrill, the loneliness, the joy. It will express the peculiar, unique qualities of this marginal, in-between world, where anything can happen and often does.