Student Protests

I think protest marches are brilliant, and that the ‘look at all of the spoiled, middle-class brats pointlessly making a fuss’ school of criticism is missing the point completely. Also, I’d say that the ‘university fees are not that big a deal’ school of criticism is missing the point too, as is the ‘what a load of violent thugs’ school.

(In addition I think these arguments are plain wrong, but that’s neither here nor there).

The point is that people feel moved to nail their colours to the mast and stand up to the state. That’s a big deal. It’s doesn’t matter who they are, or if they have fun doing it, or if a few windows get smashed in the process. It doesn’t even really matter what the point of contention is, as far as I’m concerned. Whatever the issue at hand, the protest march is a demonstration that citizens feel too strongly to wait to vote at next election, and that really matters.

And, for the record, I think that tuition fees are a massive, massive issue. That aside – protestors should have our full support, always.


2 Responses to “Student Protests”

  1. yep, very much agree!

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