We were in Buxton yesterday and we went to the Pavilion Gardens. There was an indoor section, with a pleasantly warm, humid room full of glossy, dark-leaved plants. There was a very clean-looking pond as well, full of bright fish. I leaned over the edge and watched them for a while. There was one white fish with very big, protuberant eyes. It swam close to the wall. It swam closer and closer to the wall. If it went right up to the wall, the first bit of it to touch the wall would be its eye, because its eyes were so very bulbous. I kept thinking, don’t get so close to the wall. Then it bumped into the wall, eye first. I thought it would recoil or something, but it didn’t. Just kept on scraping along.


6 Responses to “Fisheye”

  1. This is horrible.


  2. OK, but did you visit Scriveners bookshop?

    • fellhouse Says:

      Yes, and it was amazing! Felt like I’d dreamed about that bookshop in the past, without ever having been there before.

  3. i enjoyed the image of that fish, tom tom, thank you x

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