Obviously the website has been receiving a bit of media attention recently, and – quite predictably – has been criticized as sick, insensitive, and tasteless. The primary line of attack seems to be ‘Even though loads of people hate her and think she’s a terrible person, she’s still somebody’s mother and somebody’s nan. She’s still a real human being, and she’s old and frail.’

This line of attack is often accompanied by the attacker saying that they themselves admire Thatcher, and that she saved the country, and that she’s a national hero.

I’m not going to defend on grounds of taste or sensitivity, because what constitutes bad taste or tastelessness is so subjective as to make any protest on such grounds quite meaningless. And I’m not going to talk about her politics. But what I will say is that for people to get so self-righteous about others being seemingly callous about the death of an individual is laughably hypocritical.

What I mean is – people resent their taxes funding the safe accommodation of asylum seekers. People are quite happy for their taxes to be spent on an illegal war in which (it is believed) more civilians than military have died. People bemoan the amount of foreign aid that we, as a nation, give to other countries in the wake of natural disasters. People (specifically, Richard Littlejohn and the Daily Mail) loudly opine that it’s no great loss if prostitutes are murdered by a serial killer, or that Tony Martin had every right to shoot that thieving youth in the back. And on and on and on. Basically, lots of people couldn’t care less about the deaths of others. Their second car is more important. Lots of people, to be blunt, don’t mind hastening the deaths of others if it means paying less tax. Even innocent others.

How can these people sincerely claim that is somehow wrong by virtue of speculating on / waiting for the death of a person? In every case mentioned above, we’re talking about the deaths of human beings – mothers, fathers, nans, sons, daughters, wives, husbands. But that doesn’t really bother Littlejohn et al, or their multitudinous parrots.

In short – the ‘BUT SHE’S A HUMAN BEING AND SHE MIGHT ACTUALLY DIE!’ reaction to is disingenuous and ludicrous, and it’s primarily coming from the very same idiot media organs that are responsible for so many people in this country holding the repulsive and deeply callous views listed above. Basically, they care about some people dying, and not others. It would be interesting to know where the dividing lines are.


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