On Friday 29th October, I – together with some other horror writers – am doing this:

It seems like a good way to celebrate Halloween and everything, I think. So come along.

Speaking of celebrating Halloween – you’re probably racking your brains regarding Halloween presents for your friends / family / loved ones. Halloween presents, right? Everybody loves Halloween presents*.

How about a book of ghost stories?

This is a book of ghost stories (it’s called ‘The Obverse Book of Ghosts’) and it’s an anthology featuring work by many different writers, including me. More information here, and you can pre-order it here or here. (That last link is to Amazon, where you can see a slightly different, brighter cover). It’s out on 31st October. Halloween. So logically you should buy it, I think. If that’s not logical I don’t know what is.

Yes this is a total plug post. Sorry.


*I made ‘Halloween presents’ up. I’ve never really heard of them. I don’t think they exist.


2 Responses to “Halloween”

  1. Neil Gaiman and Joe Hill seem to agree with you on the whole “Halloween Gifts” thing. Horror stories for all!


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