Reasons Why I Like Silver Apples

Silver Apples is a bar/café on Burton Road. I like it for the following reasons:

i) They sell amazing pies

ii) They stock some lovely beers, i.e. ‘Old Tom’ beer, WITH GINGER, i.e. ‘Old Ginger Tom’ (‘Old Tom’ is a cat)

iii) The staff always seem kind and friendly

iv) There are lots of newspaper cuttings and internet printouts about UFO sightings stuck to the wall in the Gents

v) There is a small portrait of Vlad the Impaler/Dracula on the wall next to my favourite table

On the way back from Silver Apples, Beth was telling me about how when she was at primary school – very early on, like when she was four – the teacher had a cardboard birthday cake that she’d bring out whenever it was the birthday of one of the class members. Inside the cardboard cake was a birthday present – a packet of crisps.

Also, Beth was telling me that she’d found a headless bird on the grass in front of our flats. We were trying to decide if that is symptomatic of a cat attack or a fox attack, or just a common feature of animal killings. For instance – Beth was saying that it is typical of bears to decapitate their victims. But killer whales? We weren’t sure.

Beth watched me type this and then walked away, saying ‘You’re just like Carrie Bradshaw’.


6 Responses to “Reasons Why I Like Silver Apples”

  1. You are though, it’s true. But like an emo version.

  2. HaHa, I loved this post Tom. The part about the cardboard cake brought back some vivid memories of Gosforth School. I remember seeing this ‘cake’ and then being very dissapointed that it was a tupperware covered in plasticine. Oh, by the way I have set up a blog now, I am planning on doing a bit of voluntary blogging for the university. Lizzie x

    • fellhouse Says:

      Thanks Lizzie! Glad you liked it 🙂 I don’t remember that cake from Gosforth school, unfortunately.

      Send me a link to your blog – I’d like to see it. Blogging for the university sounds like a really good thing to be doing. Good work! x

  3. “Animal decapitation and the city”

  4. Hi Tom
    Here is a link, it’s pretty amateurish at the moment.

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