‘Sunday Night Just Keeps On Rolling’

There is a sweet kind of bready smell outside. It’s a good smell. It’s a good clean evening in most respects. I have been outside with the recycling. The recycling bins are round the back of the block of flats that we live in. The block is a long, low building, set back from the road, with a communal garden in front of it. The grass in the garden is bright green, what with all the rain.

Behind the flats there is a long thin car-park for residents. We don’t have a car. There is a car-park but also garages. A long row of garages. They all have beautiful green doors. Looking at the garage doors is like eating an avocado via your eyes, i.e. very soothing and enjoyable. The roof of the row of garages is covered in moss and squirrels. Behind the garages there is a railway cutting that is no longer used. It is full of trees and wood pigeons. There were more trees, but some have been cleared away because a tram-line is being put into the railway cutting. So the railway cutting is currently disused, but will not be disused forever.

Boo is in the other room working and listening to the album ‘Yesterday Was Dramatic – Today Is OK’ by Múm.

When I was out near the garages with the recycling I wanted to take a photo of the garage doors. I got my camera and tried to take a photo but the battery had gone.

One day.


One Response to “‘Sunday Night Just Keeps On Rolling’”

  1. fellhouse Says:

    ‘Sunday Night Just Keeps On Rolling’ is the name of a song on the album mentioned.

    (Today is a Sunday).

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