Two Things

THE LEAPING will be available as an e-book as of next month. I don’t have an exact date, but once I do I’ll let you know. It’ll be available as an iBook from just before Christmas, for those of you who read on iPads or iPhones. (What’s it like, if you do? Is the iPad pleasurable to read on?) THE THING ON THE SHORE will be published electronically at the same time as it is published in print. Spring 2011, that is.

Also, I think I’ll be doing a reading and signing at the Liverpool One Waterstones, on Friday 29th October. Plans are tentative, but it looks like I’ll be accompanying the following writers:

Ramsey Campbell

Conrad Williams

Nicholas Royle

How exciting is that? I’m very, very excited. It’s quite an honour.


4 Responses to “Two Things”

  1. Hurrah! More sales incoming Fletcher.

  2. I second that hurrah and add: reading in London, mate. Reading in London please.

  3. fellhouse Says:

    Thanks both!

    Ani – a reading in London may be in the pipeline. I’ll let you know. (I’d love to do one).

  4. […] Tom Fletcher’s (or Tom Tom as I hilariously nicknamed him) The Leaping will be available as an eBook and iBook. i don’t know why saying ‘eBook and iBook’ together just made me giggle. Also, his new novel, The Thing On The Shore, will be published in print as well as digitally next spring which just makes winter feel more survivable, yeah? […]

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