This Advert Bothers Me

I don’t know what it is. I think it’s partly because we don’t get an answer to the question ‘Why are you whispering?’ Or is the answer supposed to be obvious, maybe?

To be honest, most – if not all – adverts bother me.


7 Responses to “This Advert Bothers Me”

  1. it bothers me that he’s palpating those steaks with his BARE hands.


  2. When he said “But at Morrisons, our meat never flies anywhere …” I actually wanted one of the kids to emerge running and screaming from one of the barns, covered head to toe in animal blood and bits of giblet, screaming “BECAUSE IT’S DEAD, THAT’S WHY! IT’S DEAD IT’S DEAD IT’S DEAD! DEAD! DO YOU HEAR ME? DEAD!” and then bite the head off a dead chicken.

    But then I have watched too many 70s horror films in my lifetime.

  3. Hmm, morrisons are obviously hoping that viewers won’t be too aware that there’s plenty of bad practice in UK farming, let alone foreign farms! An intestively reared animal is the same no matter where it lives.

  4. when i first saw this i thought the child asked ‘do any of your animals die?’ to which the lovely man answers ‘not that i am aware of, no.’

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