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Posted in Non-Fictions on August 22, 2010 by Tom Fletcher

Pantheon magazine is a new quarterly that features really great fiction, photography, illustration, recipes, and all kinds of things. The first issue came with a printed brown paper bag from the artist Ian Irvine (picture below), and the editor, Beth Ward, is looking for somebody who’d be interested in making a free gift for Issue 2. (Something that could be similarly distributed with the magazine, like a postcard, a poster, etc – something flat or foldable).

If you’re interested, e-mail Beth at and let her know.

Here’s that picture:


She-Wolf Conference

Posted in Non-Fictions on August 22, 2010 by Tom Fletcher

On Wednesday September 8th I will be on a panel at the She-Wolf Conference. On the panel, I will be joining Rosie Lugosi (Vampire Queen and performance poet) and Chantal Bourgault du Coudray (werewolf guru and screenwriter/producer). The panel will be chaired by Dr. Hannah Priest (academic and poet).  The panel is called ‘Writing The Female Monster’ and will run from 6pm to 8pm. It will be followed by a screening of Ginger Snaps. (Which, I’m ashamed to say, I’ve never seen).

Tickets for the panel and the screening each cost £3, or you can get a ticket for both for £5.

Why wouldn’t you come to this? It sounds pretty amazing, right?

PS – It really is called ‘She-Wolf Conference’. I am so pleased that things like this really happen.

Proof Covers

Posted in Non-Fictions on August 22, 2010 by Tom Fletcher

On Friday I got home after a pretty horrible commute to find a smooth, clean-edged, sharp-cornered, cardboard reinforced ‘Do Not Bend’ envelope from Quercus. I had an idea of what it contained, although had not been expecting them so soon; proof covers.

These are reproductions of the cover of a book, front and back, printed on A4 pieces of card. If, like me, you see and admire book covers as pieces of work in their own right, then receiving the proof covers of your own book is a very exciting thing. You may have already seen the cover as a digital image, but it’s only when you see it printed, as it would be when wrapped around an actual book, that you know for sure what the book will look like.

Here’s a photo of the front cover:

And here’s a photo of the back cover:

I cannot quite capture the vibrancy of the green and orange of the actual print, but take my word for it – it’s very vibrant and lovely.

Also, that text on the back of the book – I could never have summarised the story in such a succinct, intriguing or accurate way. I am full of admiration for people who can write effective cover copy. For those of you who’ve asked, that’s what the story is about, right there.

Reasons Why I Like Silver Apples

Posted in Non-Fictions on August 18, 2010 by Tom Fletcher

Silver Apples is a bar/café on Burton Road. I like it for the following reasons:

i) They sell amazing pies

ii) They stock some lovely beers, i.e. ‘Old Tom’ beer, WITH GINGER, i.e. ‘Old Ginger Tom’ (‘Old Tom’ is a cat)

iii) The staff always seem kind and friendly

iv) There are lots of newspaper cuttings and internet printouts about UFO sightings stuck to the wall in the Gents

v) There is a small portrait of Vlad the Impaler/Dracula on the wall next to my favourite table

On the way back from Silver Apples, Beth was telling me about how when she was at primary school – very early on, like when she was four – the teacher had a cardboard birthday cake that she’d bring out whenever it was the birthday of one of the class members. Inside the cardboard cake was a birthday present – a packet of crisps.

Also, Beth was telling me that she’d found a headless bird on the grass in front of our flats. We were trying to decide if that is symptomatic of a cat attack or a fox attack, or just a common feature of animal killings. For instance – Beth was saying that it is typical of bears to decapitate their victims. But killer whales? We weren’t sure.

Beth watched me type this and then walked away, saying ‘You’re just like Carrie Bradshaw’.


Posted in Non-Fictions on August 17, 2010 by Tom Fletcher

This is a quick post aimed specifically at people who live in London or near London or would be willing to travel to London to see a reading.

If I did a reading in London, would you attend? I am trying to gauge whether or not there would be enough ‘interest’ to make the trip worthwhile. I don’t mean worthwhile for me – it would always be worthwhile for me – but for the potential venue, i.e. the bookshop.

Please, please, please let me know if you’d like to come to such an event. Either leave a comment below, or e-mail me at, or send me a message on Facebook or Twitter. (My Twitter username is fellhouse).

I would love to do a reading in London. And I would love to see you all again/meet you for the first time.

(Obviously, I have not specified a date. I realise that means that nobody can commit to attending yet, but all I’m after for the moment is an idea of how many would like to attend, if such a thing were to happen).

This Blog

Posted in Non-Fictions on August 16, 2010 by Tom Fletcher

From now on, I will try to make more of an effort with this blog. What I mean is – at least one non-plug post a week. (There will be plug posts too of course, in between the non-plug ones, but basically I’ll be trying to up the non-plug quota). I have been inspired by bloggers like Vaughan Simons (An Unreliable Witness) and Ani Smith (Down In Me) and Socrates Adams (Chicken and Pies) and Jenn Ashworth (Every Day I Lie A Little) and Emma Unsworth (Fall and Fall Again) and Crispin Best (We Will All Go Simultaneous) and, really, the list goes on and on. (You will notice that there are no ‘book blogs’ there, i.e. fiction review/discussion sites. I think they’re great, but that’s not what this here blog is, so it would be weird and untrue if I said that they had inspired me to change my blog in the way that I am hoping to change it).

Have a look at the blogs above, if you can/ They’re all worth the time.

So – yeah.

(This is a slightly pluggy post, by the way, because this is a link to an interview with me on the Quercus website. I think Mark Thwaite (of Quercus) asked some good questions).

‘Sunday Night Just Keeps On Rolling’

Posted in Non-Fictions on August 15, 2010 by Tom Fletcher

There is a sweet kind of bready smell outside. It’s a good smell. It’s a good clean evening in most respects. I have been outside with the recycling. The recycling bins are round the back of the block of flats that we live in. The block is a long, low building, set back from the road, with a communal garden in front of it. The grass in the garden is bright green, what with all the rain.

Behind the flats there is a long thin car-park for residents. We don’t have a car. There is a car-park but also garages. A long row of garages. They all have beautiful green doors. Looking at the garage doors is like eating an avocado via your eyes, i.e. very soothing and enjoyable. The roof of the row of garages is covered in moss and squirrels. Behind the garages there is a railway cutting that is no longer used. It is full of trees and wood pigeons. There were more trees, but some have been cleared away because a tram-line is being put into the railway cutting. So the railway cutting is currently disused, but will not be disused forever.

Boo is in the other room working and listening to the album ‘Yesterday Was Dramatic – Today Is OK’ by Múm.

When I was out near the garages with the recycling I wanted to take a photo of the garage doors. I got my camera and tried to take a photo but the battery had gone.

One day.