I am on holiday. I had a shower this morning in a shower cubicle in an en-suite bathroom and there was a rubbery blue bathmat in the base of the cubicle. It was very blue and very tactile and shaped like a fish. It was a really beautiful colour. Water pooled within the hollows of its texture and remained there after the shower had been turned off, and for a moment I looked at it and thought ‘I would love to be small and aquatic enough to live inside that little bit of water’, i.e. I would love to live in totally crystal-clear water surrounded by blue ground, I think.

This is not indicative of a desire to escape, though. I am very happy. I think it is indicative of a kind of sense of wonder (at just about everything) that I experience when I am very happy.


4 Responses to “Bathmat”

  1. Sometimes I seriously consider getting reincarnated as a sea-monkey. It would be brilliant to be very, very tiny.

  2. This made me grin cheshirely. (LOVE!)

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