OK. If you follow me on Twitter or are a Facebook friend then you may well have noticed me banging on incessantly about something really great and fantastic called ‘OTHER’.

Basically ‘OTHER’ is this really great and fantastic new online magazine, the management of which I am tenuously involved with. But I am not just saying that it is great and fantastic because of my connection with it; it really, really is, and that is all down to the hard work of Socrates Adams-Florou, PP Bloxham, Crispin Best and Chris Killen – not due to my involvement at all. (I don’t really do anything, to be honest – just revisit it obsessively).

So – the idea is that it is regularly (daily) updated with articles and essays and paraphernalia from the peripheries of fiction; it will not, by and large, be a magazine that publishes fiction. It publishes things like annotated photographs of fridges, or pages from notebooks, or early drafts of work complete with an editor’s comments, or dreams to interpret, or writing by people before they were twelve years old, or reviews. And many other things besides. So far there is some really excellent content.

Although actually the content is only half the story – another major aspect of ‘OTHER’, we hope, is the community that develops around it. This community exists and communicates via the comments beneath the primary features, in much the same way as many online communities interact. Not a groundbreaking mechanic, obviously, but one that works very very well. If you have any questions, or thoughts, or comments, or you feel moved just to applaud the absolute brilliance of our contributors so far, then please do. The more readers and visitors and comment-leavers the better. And if you do leave a comment, please check back again to see who has replied; you can be sure that somebody will have.

Here’s the link:


And you can follow ‘OTHER’ on Twitter – ‘@othermag’.


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