Quick Update

Further to that previous post, entitled ‘The Coming Months’, I have a couple of updates.

Firstly, I will NOT be reading at the Word Soup Birthday Party on April the 20th, but I WILL be reading at the launch of the first Word Soup publication, on May 25th, in Preston. (An anthology in which I’m honoured to be included, I’ve got to say – all of the other contributors that I know of are really, really excellent).

Secondly, I will be discussing ‘The Leaping’ with Becky Want on BBC Radio Manchester at 4.25pm on May the 4th. Live. I’m already terrified.


2 Responses to “Quick Update”

  1. Hi Tom, can we tune in here in Cumbria (via tinternet?) – you know how IT literate I am – not? Don’t be terrified, just ask beforehand what they want to discuss, then take some notes in with you (so easy for me to say…….) xx

  2. fellhouse Says:

    Haha, yes… as long as I prepare it should be OK.

    I listened to some of the show online yesterday, live, so I think you’ll be able to as well – just search for ‘BBC Becky Want Radio Manchester’ or something, and if it’s playing then it should give you the option to listen live. I think.


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