My wife and her friend have created a blog which forms part of an art project they’re collaborating on. (I won’t name them, as they haven’t named themselves on the blog.)

The blog’s very interesting.

Here’s the link:


2 Responses to “esoterique-esoteric”

  1. Now then, you. I am taking some photographs of a few people this weekend all dressed up in vintage things. Do you think they might be of use for the blog/magazine project? I will email properly, and ask, but as I was on here I thought I’d comment!

    For some reason, when I hear that Ke$ha, I think of you Tom. God knows why. Maybe it’s your stupid voice.

    Hee hee, only kidding. Chas really likes your voice, actually. He said it was very ‘engaging’. Make of that, what you will.


    • fellhouse Says:

      Well, Chas is evidently a man of taste and judgement. (Unless he was just talking about me getting ‘engaged’?)

      I like that Ke$ha song. I like it LOADS.

      It’d be best for you to e-mail Beth about the photos. I’m not involved in the project myself; I’m just spreading the word.

      Now then you.


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