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Posted in Non-Fictions on November 4, 2009 by Tom Fletcher

I was planning blog from Iceland, but upon arriving I decided against it because, really, there’s so much to do and enjoy here that sitting and blogging would have been a really sad way to spend my time. So here’s a few summary bullet points. I’m keeping it brief, because I’m still here.

  • Some Icelanders consider the hotdog to be their national dish. The hotdogs are really very good.
  • Iceland does not easily allow new words into their country; the Icelandic for ‘telephone’, for example, translates as ‘voice-stick’.
  • The landscape surrounding Reykjavik is mostly black rock and moss that appears vividly green in contrast.
  • The Icelandic government employs a woman who can talk to the ‘hidden people’, or elves. Any builders or construction workers must notify the government of their plans, and the government sends the elf-speaking woman to the  (to obtain permission from the hidden people) before construction work can start.
  • Although Icelanders do believe in the hidden people, they do not actually believe in trolls. These are mythical creatures.
  • Ravens here are really big and glossy and quite unafraid of humans.
  • Icelandic horses have five gaits, as opposed to horses elsewhere in the world, which only have three. (The fourth gate is called ‘the tölt’ and is somewhere between walking and trotting, and the fifth is ‘the pace’).
  • Two hundred thousand people live in Reykjavik. That is two thirds of the population of Iceland.
  • Reykjavik has an amazing number of art galleries and cafes.
  • The only international chain I’ve seen represented is Subway.

There’s a lot more to tell (more interesting stuff, as opposed to just a list of facts) but as I say it would take more time that I’m currently willing to spend at my laptop. Suffice to say that it’s really amazing.