Beth in the Wasteland

I have dreams in which I, or somebody else, is watching a film or playing a videogame. There is never any sense of a screen though, or any kind of division between the fiction and the viewer/player.

I had a dream that Beth was playing a game and I was watching. She was alone – completely alone – on the outskirts of a wasteland. She was lost. And then she was no longer playing a game; Beth herself was lost, and alone, amidst some brown and blasted landscape with no edges. I was still an observer only; I could not communicate with her. She had no weapons but we both knew that the place was habitat to vicious creatures and wild, sadistic people. Beth was afraid. I was afraid for her.

She starts moving forwards, and this action prompts a message to appear in the air. It is a warning. It warns her that out here, in this particularly remote vicinity, there are legends of some strange and massive entity that preys on wanderers who are lost and alone. It doesn’t quite kill them. Nobody knows what it does. The entity is known only as ‘The Home’.

I didn’t want this. I am terrified for my wife.


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