Nightjar Press

This is very exciting.

My industrious friend, Nicholas Royle (alternatively – Nicholas Royle)  has set up a new independent publisher called Nightjar Press. Nightjar Press is publishing my first ever not-in-an-anthology published work, if that makes sense. The Safe Children. (Many thanks to Antonio Lulic for letting me adapt a line from one of his short stories for the title.)

I won’t say too much about it, because I would just be repeating information taken from the Nightjar Press site itself. One thing definitely worth a mention though is the admirable focus on short stories. 

Go and have a look. You will absolutely positively love it.


7 Responses to “Nightjar Press”

  1. awesome, thomas. let me know when it is available for purchase, m’boy! 🙂

  2. shall we be selling these at Nottingham, Tom? Oh i so want to dress up to help marketing!! I have no idea what the book is about, but I’m keen to wear thigh length leather boots and a corset.

  3. We shall indeed, sir! And if you really want to dress up like that, go ahead… but surely you don’t need an excuse? You’d get away in that outfit anywhere.

    You know it’s not a sexual fantasy convention, don’t you, Dick?

  4. Sensitive, addictive reading. Story telling at its best – says so much in so few pages. Fiction now – but how far from reality? – not maybe as far as we think or hope. This short sad and moving tale leaves us feeling shocked and disturbed, and the real subject addressed here makes this an uncomfortable read. We are reminded that the human psyche has no limits to its thirst for depravity and sick gratification. A mini-masterpiece Tom, exploring a distasteful world, and guaranteed to make us all stop and think.

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