Inspired by a discussion going on in some comments further down the page (see the post ‘Absence’, below), I thought I’d ask – do any of you readers consciously collect anything?

This is one of those posts that could backfire and make it painfully obvious that actually nobody is reading. So, if you don’t collect anything, please feel free to make something up. Let me know via the comments.

(Apologies for the logic holes in that there sentence.)


16 Responses to “Collections”

  1. I collect buttons, which I guess is a little weird. i have jars of them. people give me them as well as finding lost buttons, and I’ve even bought some vintage and antique ones. People have given me them when their grans have died, because buttons seem to be the kinds of things old ladies have in tins on a shelf somewhere.

    I also collect black and white postcards with people on them.

    • fellhouse Says:

      Haha, yes… my nan had tins of buttons on shelves. I don’t know what happened to them.

      Have you read the book Coraline, by Neil Gaiman? It’s a bit of a stretch to suggest that if you like buttons you’ll like the book, but it’s a very good book which features buttons quite heavily.

  2. nicholasroyle Says:

    As detailed elsewhere, I collect found photographs and found playing cards. I also collect those little plastic adhesive tags that are used to tie the neck of a plastic bag containing a sliced loaf. I stick them up on the inside of a cupboard door in the kitchen. I do it in every house I live in and then leave them there if we move on.

    I also collect orange Penguins and green Penguins and white-spined Picadors and King Penguins and white-spined Sceptre books and so on. I collect short story anthologies and back copies of Ambit, London Magazine, Stand, Iron, Panurge, Granta, Transatlantic Review etc. Granta is my least favourite of that bunch. I only pick them up if they’re cheap.

    Lots of other stuff, too.

    • fellhouse Says:

      Oh yes – I forgot about the bread tags! You will have to show me your cupboard doors.

      I like the green-spined Picadors. I like Picador books a lot. Apologies if this is a question with a really obvious answer, but what used to determine whether a Penguin got an orange cover or a green cover?

      I don’t collect books consciously, and yet even so we have more books than places to put them. I don’t know how you do it.

  3. nicholasroyle Says:

    The standard Penguins — fiction & non-fiction — were orange, the crime titles were green. Those were real books. Today’s Penguins feel like poor imitations.

  4. innerlifeanon Says:

    Christ, Nick. How do you have time to do anything between collecting?

    I don’t collect anything and now feel sorely lacking.

  5. sarah glenister Says:

    Waaah! Using an old wordpress account there – The last post was from me!

  6. nicholasroyle Says:

    No, it wasn’t. It was from me!

  7. sarah glenister Says:

    I assure you there is another post awaiting Tom’s authorisation. Though it might now be a bit of an anticlimax…

    • fellhouse Says:

      I was considering not authorising it at all, just to keep my blog confusing and exciting. But then I realised that I was being corrupted by the admin power and so authorised it.

      I hope it clarifies everything. Everything.

  8. Christina Says:

    Hi Tom,

    I collect found photographs and notes tucked in books; records; those tags that the airlines affix to your luggage (weird I know); old cameras; and random instruments.

    What about you?

    • fellhouse Says:

      Hi Christina! I like notes found in books too. And other people’s bookmarks.

      I collect broken spectacles. But only found ones – I don’t count my old pairs, for example. I don’t find that many though. Most of my collection are donations from Nick (who’s commented further up the page) because he seems to have an eye for these things.

  9. Richard W Says:

    I collect broken hearts and nasty little shots of woe and misery… have quite the collection. None of it by choice though.

  10. I still have every motherboard i have owned 🙂

    • fellhouse Says:

      See, for me, that would amount to two or three. But for you – I imagine it is a very impressive number of motherboards.

      I like that one.

  11. Richard W Says:


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