The Broken Nose

I should have gone to London today. But didn’t. I wish I had. Here is an old poem, a few years old now, which is very tenuously connected to today’s events:


The Broken Nose

The river burst its banks today,

And I remembered

That time I hit you

(by mistake)

And broke your nose.


You bled for days.

The blood ran,


Stained, that time it rained

It rained for days.

I stayed at yours:

Slept on the floor,

Blocked the gap

Under the door.

We tried our best,

But still you bled.

Your mouth,

Your hands,

Your T-shirt – red.


We tried to get to hospital,

But all of the roads were flooded.

And I remember thinking

(as the car began to float away)

That we’re lucky

That you’ve








9 Responses to “The Broken Nose”

  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. sarah glenister Says:

    I really liked this.

    Nice one.

  3. So, I shared some air with Andrew Motion today (no really) and then tonight I read this and I thought how I really don’t like Motion’s poetry – what a pointless comMotion if you ask me – Tom, I think you should offer him a penny whistle and a drumstick lolly to trade – you’d be far better. I’d respect the world of poetry so much more if you were in charge.

    This is just beautiful. x

    • fellhouse Says:

      Thank you. This was in one of my portfolios for Harriet!

      I’m not a big fan of Andrew Motion either. (How was it you came to breathe his breath, by the way?) I don’t find his poetry very eMotionally engaging.

      Please reply to this. I have about a million more Motion puns to make.

      Thanks again x

      • I had a feeling I’d enjoyed your poem sometime in the past too. Is it too bold to ask what the present moment that prompted the poem was?

        Andrew Motion is a big supporter of the children’s book museum I work at, so he was in to give a little speech to try to get rich people to dig deep in their pockets so we can buy more original children’s book illustrations!

        You must come up and see it soon. There’s a new exhibition all about transport and it’s AMAZING. There’s a pop up book of planes by Robert Crowther and they took the exact pop up of an aeroplane cockpit and made a perfect REPLICA of it, HUMAN SIZED, so you can go INSIDE the pop up.

        …ahem… sorry. I get a bit over-excited about it all…

        Puns… I don’t know what you’re talking about.

        Anyway, hopefully the poet laureate will be getting a deMotion soon.

        Take care, Tom! x

        • fellhouse Says:

          POP-UPS?!?! That all sounds very good.

          It is not too bold to ask what the prompt was… it was the G20 protests in London, and the fighting that went on there.

          We’ll just have to be grateful that the perpetual Motion machine is physically impossible.

          Tom x

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