There is a man I vaguely know who really winds me up. He is somehow connected to me, socially. A friend of a cousin or a cousin of a friend or an ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend or something like that. His face and eyes are glazed and oblivious, and yet violent-looking at the same time. He comes to all the Fell House parties and he sits on the sofa and he watches his two dogs attack other people’s pets and he doesn’t do or say anything to stop them. He just smiles detachedly and leaves it to other people. When his dogs are not mauling other animals, he whispers to them. He whispers into their ears. His dogs are small and fat with tiny eyes and upturned mouths. Their faces are quite human. He will sit with them, one on either side of him, and just smile and look violent. Sometimes it is as if he is mentally ill. He makes me wonder if he is bad. I know there are worse people than him in the world, but I wonder if he is bad. He makes me think that badness is a condition. I don’t know really though. I don’t know about that. One thing I am sure of; every time I see him, I end up daydreaming about murder for weeks.


8 Responses to “Murderous”

  1. Does this vague man have ginger hair? And a collapsed arse?

  2. He could do! It’s our old friend, with his balloon-like prolapse. When he sits down it makes a noise like a whoopee cushion. The dogs love it; they bounce up and down, squealing.

    I’m telling you, these Fell House parties are quite special.

  3. Well, if they’re anything like the Fletcher parties of old, then yes, I imagine they are quite something. Remember Sandy Beaches? That random stray that was wandering the streets, or rather street, of Holmrook that time? He just wanted to party with some kids, bless him.

  4. I remember Sandy Beaches alright! Who could forget him? I think I gave him some crisps. Mr A. Clark wanted to fight him.

  5. Chief was such a firey yooth.

  6. He was. I think he maybe still is. I think the threat of violence can make a good party great, though… a kind of nervy energy.

    I don’t know what I’m talking about. I don’t think I am telling the truth. The threat of violence is usually pretty horrible, isn’t it?

  7. Richard W Says:

    You tell me, did the Ginger man make Hazel’s party great, with his aura of unpredictable violent thoughts?

  8. fellhouse Says:

    No… no, he was too much. The Ginger Man. I wonder what he’s doing at the moment? I’d laugh if he’s spent all this time hitch-hiking up to your house, and one day there’s a knock at your door and you open it and there he is…

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