Lost (Found?) City of Atlantis

The Sun newspaper is leading with a story about the city of Atlantis being discovered via Google Ocean. I hope it’s true. I wish the Sun didn’t regularly run stories about such amazing things in such a hysterical, trivial way, though. It makes me very cynical. More cynical than I want to be.

The Daily Mail does it too. At least once a week there is a big feature on some incredible supernatural mystery that I used to read, hoping for some tiny shred of credibility, to find that yet again all they’d done was lay a turd on the paper, smeared it around with their pale, six-digit hands, and sucked their broken, blood-stained fingers clean. I mean, I’m sure the people that work at the Daily Mail have their own individual redeeming qualities, but I can’t help imagining them all as demonic conspirators, all wholly responsible for the general tone and content of the howling smeg-hawk that flaps, incontinent, into newstands all over the country and, in fact, all over the world, every morning. I can’t help imagining them all as utter bastards. Fucking soulless, monstrous, magic-suppressing, hope-gobbling, dream-soiling, shit-spilling, skull-sicking, trust-raping, hair-burning, head-squashing, dog-wanking, society-molesting, peace-splitting, coin-licking, eye-kicking, tongue-ripping bastards. Ignorant, undignified and selfish in their words and in their fucking muck.

So. Is this really Atlantis? Please tell me it is.


16 Responses to “Lost (Found?) City of Atlantis”

  1. They’ve got an comment by Plato, who says it is. The real actual Greek philosopher Plato. That’s good enough for me.

    • I wouldn’t want to argue with Plato. I’ll look forward to tomorrow’s headline about journalists practising necromancy, with a comment from the late Princess Diana.

      (Actually Ken, speaking of Diana, remember the day she died? Or the day after, possibly… we went to Bigrigg for the weekly gaming night while at home certain family members were in tears, and American Andrew, if that was his name, said that the only reason he was sad was because he would never be able to sleep with her. I thought that was possibly the most shocking thing that anybody could possibly say. As you probably remember, I was very naive in my youth.)

  2. Hahaha, oh Fletcher, this must have been before you met me, no?

    • Um… I’m not sure… when did she die? I remember Heron, Redfern and Moore going to this club so I maybe did know you. But probably not very well. I’d more or less stopped playing wargames by the time we were playing D&D I think. If I knew you well, it would have taken a lot more to shock me I think!

      I’m trying to remember if Ken was there. Were you there, Ken? Or have I misremembred this episode completely?

      • I can’t remember that particular episode, no, but I do remember American Andrew — this is the first time I’ve thought about him in years. I remember him with his stories of driving over Kuwaiti cars for fun in Desert Storm, and that time he went mental at some wee chav for knocking his army from a table. And he played Warhammer on a Friday night with prepubescent teenage boys. What an odd chap.

        • He was odd. I never thought much about it at the time, but he was odd. I remember him talking about how it felt to kill a man but I got the impression he was making it up. And I do remember him losing it with that boy. His temper, I mean.

          They were good Friday nights.

  3. sarah glenister Says:

    Is it terribly bad taste to link to my own blog here? I think it probably is, but nevertheless, I also wrote about this story today, and seeing as you’re talking about Diana above and I also mention her…too tenuous a link? Well here are my two cents anyway.


  4. sarah glenister Says:

    By the way, I remember you guys playing D&D and it was possibly the only time I have ever felt cooler than my brother…

    • Yes. It carries a certain stigma, to say the least. Still – Mike was cool enough to not play for long. And, regarding your blog, go ahead – I was reading it earlier actually (and wondering at the two coincidences also) and was going to sidebar it under ‘Islands of Light’. So it will be easy to find.

  5. sarah glenister Says:

    Aw, cheers mate. That’s cool.

  6. sarah glenister Says:

    Oh and re: coincidences, not so much as your novel one a couple of posts below. I’d read your post before I wrote mine but after reading the full story on Ananova, couldn’t bear not to have a good Sun-bash myself! Maybe a coincidence that Diana was brought up in both but you probably can’t say Sun without to Diana can you?

  7. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/7903169.stm – sorry to burst your bubble dude, but this is what happens when you go reading the Sun.

    • Pffckng Sun.

      It is unfair of me to blame the Sun. I just know that when something amazing and wonderful does happen, and the Sun reports it at truth, I won’t believe it. My hope will be exhausted.


      Thank you for the info though!

  8. The Daily Mail had a story last week that was titled “Facebook increases your risk of Cancer” I can’t even begin to talk about that!
    Oh, and it’s the Express that has the Diana fixation, last time it was back in court (again) the Express ran a Diana related headline EVERY DAY for a fortnight!


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