Thread or Dead

WordPress, in a move which has inspired an uncomfortably warm and fuzzy kind of brand loyalty in me, has now made it possible to post threaded comments! So now you can leave a reply to a specific comment and it will show as such.


This means that those of you who leave comments now have to start leaving more, and those of you who don’t leave comments have to start leaving them. If the comments relate to each other, so much the better. And it doesn’t really matter what the comments are about. That is the only way to take full advantage of the wondrous new functionality.

I hope you all leave comments now. Otherwise I’m going to look like a right pillock.


4 Responses to “Thread or Dead”

  1. sarah glenister Says:

    I’ll take advantage of this

  2. Sarah Glenister Says:

    I’m alright thanks. Been “following” your blog. Good stuff! Indeed I will be at the Sorcerer! I presume I shall see you there. x

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