I’m reading a book called Rogue Herries. It’s a very good book. It was written by Hugh Walpole early last century and has only recently been brought back into print. Hugh Walpole used to holiday near Gosforth in West Cumbria (which, for those of you who don’t know, is where I grew up) and eventually he moved to Cumbria properly.

As some of you may be aware, I cm currently working on a novel. Now. There are a few similarities between Rogue Herries and the novel I’m working on… any one taken in isolation is not that remarkable, but together… I don’t know. It’s a bit weird. I’m going to list them here, for the sake of General Interest.

1) Both feature main characters who move from northern England (Manchester in the case of my book, Doncaster in the case of Walpole’s – although in the first draft of mine, the main character moved from Wakefield. Both Yorkshire!) to West Cumbria. And the places where they settle are not far apart, at all.

2) Both of these characters are called ‘Francis’.

3) Both have, as important settings, houses called Fell House. This blog is named after the house in my novel.

4) In both books, Francis is wandering around his respective valley and bumps into the Devil – a meeting which has far-reaching consequences, as you might expect.

I should point out that I wrote all of these things into my book before reading any of Walpole’s.

I am quite excited at all of this.

But maybe I am just easily pleased.


3 Responses to “Coincidence”

  1. Thomas, Thomas, what a coincidence! Yesterday, Adam and I came across the term apophenia… seeing structured patterns in coincidences. Or as Mr Conrad (term-coiner) wrote, “the unmotivated seeing of connections accompanied by a specific experience of an abnormal meaningfulness.” I, for one, absolutely applaud all apophenists out there. There is nothing more marvellous than seeing the world interlinking intricately, even when it isn’t.


  2. I like ‘abnormal meaningfulness’ as a phrase. There’s a blog/book/album title if ever I saw one.

    Do you find that coincidences only ever happen in twos or threes? (Or even more at a time than that.) So that you have one coincidence, and then maybe you have another coincidence, and the fact that they both happen in the same day or whatever is a third coincidence. Maybe I’m just being apophenic.

    That’s a surprisingly useful word.

    How are you and Adam? Do you have a homepage/channel on Youtube?

    • I find coincidences happen all the time, but I never notice them happening thricely.

      Also, small world syndrome is a weird one too. How you always end up bumping into people you know in random far away locations.

      Adam and I are doing pretty well. Busy chaotic and lacking time, time, precious time, but apart from that, happy as happy can be. Adam’s getting a free trip to Barcelona this week courtesy of the college he does a placement at. And I am getting to stay at home in sunny Gateshead and go to work. Haha…

      Yep, yep, I have a youtube… it’s:

      I also have most a lot of my most recent work on a website called here:

      How goes you and Beth? How’s the writing going?


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