This morning I woke up with the following words running around inside my head:

‘I am not a grain of rice. I am not a grain of rice. I am not a grain of rice.’

They were making perfect sense to me until I opened the bathroom door and started to question myself.

I really didn’t want to go to work today.


6 Responses to “Rice”

  1. There’s a Damien Rice song called Sand, in which the prechorus beings, “I am not a grain of sand”.

    Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abtSjpKjH_U

  2. fellhouse Says:

    Oh yeah… I’ve heard that song. Sung by you actually, the first time.

    It’s a good song. I haven’t listened to it in a long time.

  3. Rice. Boiling over. Boiling …nice?

    I sometimes get strange phrases stuck in my head, mostly when I’m walking. Normally like four mono-syllabic words which repeat with each step. And then I feel like my brain might explode. But it doesn’t.

  4. I like that poem. Chas bought fabric conditioner the other day. It made me think of another:

    I like that smell,
    That washing smell.
    Washing freshly done.

    I hope that’s how it went. x

    • fellhouse Says:

      Yes, that’s how it went!

      It was called ‘Washing Smell’.

      And only recently have I discovered the enhanced washing smell that comes with fabric conditioner. It’s like some sort of sensory luxury. I can only imagine the poem that would have erupted had we used fabric conditioner back in Eglington. It would have been too much. Overly mental.

      How are you?

      P.S – have you looked at the House Animal? (Bottom right on the main blog page.) I think you’ll like it.

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