The Golden-Eyed Man

I had a dream that a tall, broken-limbed man with lots of pointed teeth and large golden eyes was holding me captive, strapped down, injecting me with anaesthetic. He would veer from manic pleasantry to abject fury, laughing and screaming. I didn’t know what he wanted me for but it was as if he was trying to turn me into some sort of servant – he had lots of silent, obedient servants. I got the sense that he was operating on me while I was asleep or anaesthetised, sometimes removing internal organs, and sometimes inserting devices of his own invention.

At one point I somehow escaped with one of the other servants. We saw that we were on the outskirts of a town. As we struck inwards, heading for the centre, all of the electricity went off, apart from on a stage where an old friend was playing a huge stringed instrument that looked like a giant crossbow.

The golden-eyed man caught us during the blackout, despite all of his limbs being broken and unreliable and jerky in their functioning. He tied me up. He was angrier than ever, completely unhinged, howling and running and slavering. Back at his house, he started assembling a white leather Samurai suit around himself. I was sweaty and trembling. I remembered the advice given to Jacob Singer in Jacob’s Ladder.

Stop struggling to hold on to life and these demons will start to seem like angels trying to free you from this earth.

Then I woke up.


4 Responses to “The Golden-Eyed Man”

  1. Wow… Gave a great visual. Dark, but very clear!

  2. You want to leave off that cheese of a night marra.

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